Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Growing Up Online Discussion Panel Podcast

In class, we recently viewed the PBS Frontline documentary 'Growing Up Online'. Enjoy this panel discussion featuring three classmates (Wiltson, Ceci, and Shannon) and myself discussing the generational differences between the way we use social media (Generation Y) and the way the younger kids (Generation Z/C) are using it. Mind you, this is our first attempt at podcasting ever, so be nice! It was overall a great learning experience. Hope you enjoy the show!

Show notes can be found below.

The Social Media Syndicate - Episode 1 (click to listen to podcast)

:05 – Intro

:26 – Welcome

:41 – Panel Self Introductions

1:23 – The Hot Topic

1:33 – Shannon discusses generation definitions.

1:58 – Shannon asks panel: "What tools do you guys consider to be important in looking at the diferrences between how our generation, Gen Y, and the new generation, Gen Z/C, use the Internet tools?"

2:09 – Ceci discusses YouTube

3:42 – Wiltson discusses Facebook

5:21 – Christine discusses MySpace

6:04 – Shannon weighs in on Facebook and MySpace

6:22 – Wiltson responds

6:46 – Shannon discusses cell phones and SMS (text) messaging

8:16 – Wiltson weighs in on texting

8:49 – Ceci discusses Second Life

10:35 – Shannon responds

11:22 – Wiltson responds

12:09 – Closing

12:20 – Outro

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