Sunday, October 12, 2008

PodBean, around since July 2006, is a social networking website centered around podcasts. There are two types of accounts available on PodBean. Users can choose from the podcast publisher account and the podcast audience account.

Podcast publishers are able to learn how to create podcasts, as well as gain production tips. After creating and uploading their podcasts to the website, publishers can use tools to promote their podcasts and gain better exposure. Publishers can also keep track of how many listeners are streaming and downloading their podcasts through the use of statistics. Publishers even have the opportunity to profit from their podcast by sporting ads on their pages and offering paid subscriptions to their audiences.

Podcast audiences are able to collect all of their favorite podcasts into one place. Users can browse what other people are listening and subscribing to, much like YouTube. Users can use tags to browse available podcasts and easily find something they like. Audiences can also share podcasts with other users as well as get recommendations from other users.

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