Monday, October 20, 2008

SocialVibe: Social Media Helps Give Back

SocialVibe, recently founded in 2007, is a new type of social media tool that is taking people and their online activity to the next level. Already with 160,000 members and counting, SocialVibe is all about giving back. The company understands the huge influence users can have online and are now giving people the opportunity to help causes that they are passionate about.

"SocialVibe is a new social media platform that facilitates interaction between people, the brands they love and the causes they care about. SocialVibe recognizes the influence people have online and has created an easy way for people to use their influence for social good. Social media advertising opportunities are plentiful, however SocialVibe's unique platform empowers communities of real people to make a real difference. With SocialVibe, people enhance their online experiences by getting sponsored by brands to support the causes they believe in."

Broken down to three simple steps, here's how it works:
  1. Select your favorite cause to support.
  2. Choose a sponsor & post your badge to your social profiles. (MySpace, Facebook, blogs, websites, etc.)
  3. Earn points for donations to charity and perks.
Once you earn points they are then turned into funds for the charitable cause of their choice. Basically, users are advertising their sponsors for a good cause on their social networking sites. Some of the sponsors featured on SocialVibe include Apple, Colgate, Gibson, and Billabong. Examples of some of the causes featured are To Write Love On Her Arms, Stand Up To Cancer, World Wildlife Fund, and Invisible Children. Currently, an impressive $20,395 has been raised by 30,731 supports for TWLOHA.

I think the SocialVibe is a great concept! People can put all that time and effort they put into their MySpace pages to good use by supporting and help earning money for a cause they are really into. SocialVibe has the potential of really catching on and making a difference in the world. This is another great example of the positive effects of social media.

Would you consider joining in on SocialVibe and posting a badge in support of the cause of your choice? What do you think about this new type of social media and what they are trying to accomplish?

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