Saturday, October 11, 2008

Podcasting vs. Radio

The battle is on.

With younger audiences being drawn to iTunes, mp3s, and podcasts.. what are the effects on radio? Research has show that younger radio audiences (ages 12-24) are slowly slipping away. Audiences are able to find more specialized media through podcasts as opposed to turning on the radio and listening to talk shows and music. Podcasting is definitely giving the radio business a run for its money. Although, radio is not going anywhere soon. Tim Gordon, expert in the digital recording realm, agrees that podcasting has had a huge effect on radio over the past couple of years and will continue to do so.

In class Thursday, we began to work on Garage Band. We were able to experience first hand how simple it is to product a podcast. Podcasts are a huge aspect of the development of social media. People can record their own podcast shows and distribute them easily via iTunes and uploading them onto their blogs or websites.

As far as radio and podcasts go, what's your preference?


Royal Raven said...

I personally love both but have grown up in radio as my father has sold advertisement in it for 30 yrs. But with all the new technologies coming out I think we'll see less and less of radio and in 20 years it won't be a major player.

Analee Paz said...

This is a good topic to consider. I am really not sure, but, personally, I think I am still more likely to listen to the actual radio. I think that this may be because of my multitasking nature. In the car, I find myself listening to npr or talk shows, but, at home, I am not attracted to sit there and listen to a podcast. For some reason, I feel as though I can't be doing anything else other than listen to the podcast. I don't know. It may also be that I have not found a podcast that I found interesting enough to register to!

melwilltell said...

I don't believe radio will have as large of an impact on media in the future as it does today unfortunately. However, it is really hard to say what will and won't stick around.