Friday, October 31, 2008

Business Wire Partners with Digital Citizen Media

Business Wire, "the leading source for press releases," has just partnered with Digital Citizen Media to offer something more to corporations everywhere. After picking up on how important social media is, specifically web video, Business Wire has decided to provide its members with the opportunity for " a unique set of customized video and management tools to fill a variety of traditional corporate communications needs" and more. As a result of this partnership, Business Wire members are able to use Digital Citizen Media for their professional use.

This is exciting for the corporate world because it is time for them to catch up in respect to their social media practices. Digital Citizen Media is very happy about the partnership and hopes to bring quality work to the new businesses that will be using their services.

"We looked to Business Wire as the ideal partner in expanding the role of video in public relations and investor relations efforts. Business Wire's long commitment to technical innovation includes their recent pioneering adoption of XHTML to support multimedia and their launch of the multimedia Smart News Release way back in 1996."
- Anthony DePasquale of Digitial Citizen Media

It's interesting to see that web video has been specifically cited as one of the main reasons behind this partnership. It's important to keep up with competitors' use of technology for PR purposes and it's great that Business Wire has picked up on that and will now be offering these services to their members.

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